Afous-Afous ry participating in the Nordic-Baltic Dialogue forum

Afous-Afous ry is happy to be one of the participants in the Anna Lindh Foundation’s Nordic-Baltic Dialogue Forum in Stockholm 8.-9.9.2016. More information about the forum below.

For the first time, Stockholm will host the Anna Lindh Foundation Nordic Baltic Dialogue Forum on 8 – 9 September, 2016.

Building on last year’s joint meeting in Tallinn of ALF members from Sweden, Finland and Estonia, this year the Swedish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation will host in Stockholm a larger civil society forum bringing together ALF network members from Nordic and Baltic countries, namely Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Sweden in a unique opportunity to network, dialogue, exchange good practices, share project ideas and lessons learned.

This Forum will focus on three main themes: youth, gender and migration.

The first day of the Forum will be dedicated to strategic debate and dialogue between participants around relevant topics such as:
a) Migration and Integration: Key Role of Civil Society in Fostering Inclusive Citizenship
b) Challenging Perceptions through an Alternative Narrative on Gender
c) Empowering Youth: Active Engagement in Countering Violent Extremism

The second day of the Forum will welcome self-organised workshops by network members for sharing good practices and project ideas. In addition, there will be a special workshop on effective communication and visibility tools by a professional communication and social media expert from MENA region.

This forum is organised with the support of:
– European Representation in Stockholm (Europahuset)
– National Museums of World Culture in Sweden (Världskulturmuseerna)
– Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
– Anna Lindh Foundation
– Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East

The Forum is an important step for the preparation of the Anna Lindh Foundation #MedForum2016 in Malta which will take place on 24 – 25 October 2016.


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